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Firstly, we do not mix breeds. Our adults are DNA Tested and 100% Cotons.


Coton de Tulears are known for their beautiful pure white Cotton like coats. However, they do come in different colors! Regardless of the color of a puppy it will fade as Cotons carry a "Fade Gene".

Pure White has no hint of cream in the coat.


White can have cream ears or spots on the body. 

Tri Colored pups are white, brown with a little black on their ears and tails. The brown will fade to white and cream (not a pure white), the black on the earls will fade to silver.


White and Black puppies can fade to Silver, but we do see many retain the black, the white is usually pure white.


There are two truly rare colors. The Mink (Black with White chin and feet) and the Honey Bear (Brown with Black muzzle and ears, possible tail and feet).

The Mink is born a Brindle color with a small amount of White on the chin and possibly on the feet and the tip of the tail. This Brindle color quickly changes to Black then slowly fades to Silver over time.

The Honey Bear is born brown, shades from very light brown to caramel. These colors also fade. The brown will change to shades of Honey and the black can fade to Silver.

In the slide show below you will find photos our dogs and all of the colors our dogs produce. 

There has been much controversy over Cotons with Color. A little research will show you photos of the original Cotons from Madagascar and how much color they had. The color was mostly breed out to have a pure white dog. This was done strictly for the "Show Dog". 

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